Exam Room

What is the Exam Room?

The majority of your time will be spent in the Exam Room where you enter practice test answers, grade them, and then watch detailed answer explanation videos on each question. The Exam Room also features a timer you can use when taking offline tests in front of your computer.

How does the “Feedback” response work?

“Feedback” is part of ePrep Analytics where after watching detailed video explanation on a question you missed or skipped, you have the opportunity to indicate whether you feel on a future test you would a) continue to miss the question, b) skip it or c) get it correct. This functionality allows you to create a separate "feedback" score to give you an idea of your potential SAT score.

How do I begin reviewing and studying?

After you have taken a moment to review your Raw Score, Projected Score, and Percentile Rank, begin reviewing answer explanations by selecting the “PLAY VIDEO” icons as appropriate. You should watch videos that correspond to the following:

  • The questions you answered incorrectly;
  • The questions you skipped;
  • The questions you answered correctly by guessing; and
  • The questions you answered correctly, but with difficulty or too slowly.

How many times can I take a test?

Once you’ve entered and graded your test answers on a practice test, you may not take the test again or change your original answers. You may, however, watch test question videos as many times as you like and continually change your “feedback” answer selections.

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