How to Get the Most from ePrep

What is the Exam Room?

The majority of your time will be spent in the Exam Room where you enter practice test answers, grade them, and then watch detailed answer explanation videos on each question. The Exam Room also features a timer you can use when taking offline tests in front of your computer.

How do I begin reviewing and studying?

After you have taken a moment to review your Raw Score, Projected Score, and Percentile Rank, begin reviewing answer explanations by selecting the “PLAY VIDEO” icons as appropriate. You should watch videos that correspond to the following:

  • The questions you answered incorrectly;
  • The questions you skipped;
  • The questions you answered correctly by guessing; and
  • The questions you answered correctly, but with difficulty or too slowly.

How many times can I take a test?

Once you’ve entered and graded your test answers on a practice test, you may not take the test again or change your original answers. You may, however, watch test question videos as many times as you like and continually change your “feedback” answer selections.

What is the Study Hall?

ePrep’s Study Hall features over 100 SAT subject lesson videos in Math, Critical Reading and Writing for your review. Based on adaptive diagnostic algorithms, ePrep measures your progress on each type of test question and helps you focus on the specific SAT subjects you need most help. You can sort items within the Study Hall by subject, your percentage of correctly answered questions, or priority of recommended review.

Can a lesson link back to a question I missed?

Yes! In addition to watching each subject lesson, ePrep includes links to all the test question videos where you either skipped or answered incorrectly. You can review your incorrect and skipped questions directly from the Study Hall without having to reload the specific test.

What is the ePrep Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder™?

WordSmith is ePrep’s proprietary vocabulary tool that will help you rapidly expand your understanding of common SAT and ACT vocabulary words. Over 1,000 common SAT and ACT words are featured in Wordsmith and organized according to four levels:

  • Level 1 - Words You Should Know for Success in High School
  • Level 2 - Words You Should Know for Success in College and Beyond
  • Level 3 - Words You Are More Likely to Read than to Hear in Life
  • Level 4 - Words You Can Safely Forget After Taking the Test

Within WordSmith, you first sort words based on your understanding, then begin flashcard review, an finally take tests on word lists.

How do I move WordSmith words into the Yes, Maybe and No categories?

WordSmith asks the question: “Do you OWN this word?” (i.e., is it part of your everyday vocabulary?) You can click and drag the word into the appropriate category, or you can click the green, yellow or red buttons to the right of a word to categorize it. After a word has been categorized, you must click it to review the definition and usage before moving it to another category.

How do I get the definition of a word?

Click on the “i” button to the right of a word and a definition flash card will appear. If a word is already categorized, you may bring up the definition flash card by clicking on the word.

What is “Save Sorting”?

The Save Sorting button will save all your work so that if you log out, when you return you can start where you left off.

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