General Information

How does ePrep work?

Students prepare best when they are exposed to real test questions under simulated conditions and then immediately receive expert instruction upon grading their test. We call this the ePrep Learning Cycle and have seen it succeed in helping students maximizing their SAT and ACT scores time and time again. When you enroll in an ePrep course, you can immediately access and print our your test materials online, right from your browser. Upon completing a test section, you then login to ePrep to grade your answers and watch full broadband videos that include detailed answers for each problem. Watching ePrep’s expert solve the same problem you just missed - and providing key insights and strategies along the way – exponentially increases your absorption of the concepts. By repeating the ePrep Learning Cycle, you expand your comfort level with the SAT and ACT tests and rapidly improve your problem solving skills.

Additionally, ePrep Analytics provide adaptive diagnostics that continually monitors your progress, points out strengths and weaknesses, and recommends subject lesson videos you can review online. Our unique WordSmith™ features over 1,000 common SAT and ACT vocabulary words and helps build your vocabulary through reviews and tests. When you’re ready to take your test, there will be nothing we haven’t covered together. You will be absolutely prepared.

What is the ePrep Learning Cycle?

It’s so simple, yet so effective: (1) Practice, (2) Grade, (3) Review and (4) Repeat

  • Practice: Complete each ePrep practice tests offline under simulated conditions.
  • Grade: After taking a practice test, log onto your ePrep account and bubble in and submit your answers.
  • Review: Review all the questions you skipped, guessed on and those you got right, but with difficulty.
  • Repeat: Repeat the practice-grade-review cycle as often during the months prior to your SAT Test day.

Should I enroll in the ePrep for the SAT™ Premium or Standard Editions? What’s the Difference?

Both editions provide a comprehensive SAT study program. Your choice of either ePrep for the SAT™ Standard or Premium will depend on how much time you have to prepare for the SAT and how close you are to your potential maximum score.

The Standard Edition includes 4 full learning cycles, 1 hand-graded essay and four months of access (note: a “cycle” refers to a full SAT practice exam with complete online video review of each question). The Premium Edition gives you an additional 4 learning cycles (8 in total), 2 hand-graded essays and six months of access.

Both editions will give you a score improvement guarantee, a Study Hall with over 100 SAT subject lesson videos and complete access to the ePrep’s one-of-a-kind WordSmith™ Vocabulary Builder.

Through each ePrep Learning Cycle, you should notice incremental improvements in your SAT test scores – an indication you’re on your way to maximizing your SAT score! See a comparison chart of both editions.

Should I take each practice SAT test in one sitting?

You do not need to complete a full SAT practice test in one sitting. Rather, you should simply try to complete a full test section (i.e., Test 1 – Math – Section 2) each time you practice with ePrep. This is the most practical – and effective – way to focus on a given SAT subject area.

Nevertheless, just like running a marathon, you should experience the stamina required to take a full SAT test. We have designated test 4 and test 8 (for those enrolled in the Premium Edition) as the ePrep practice tests where you should attempt to complete in one sitting.

Does ePrep for the SAT feature a diagnostic test?

Yes and no... While there is no separate, specific diagnostic test; every test within ePrep can be considered a diagnostic test. That’s because ePrep is continually measuring your strengths and weaknesses against SAT and ACT subjects and recommending lessons for review throughout the entire course! It’s silly to think any study program can know your strengths and weaknesses after one test, particularly since not every subject area is featured in depth on any single test.

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