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ePrep for the SAT is unlike any other test preparation service ever created. Based on the most effective test prep methodology in use today by private tutors, ePrep's online, video based SAT preparation course provides you with everything you need to maximize your SAT test score.

Proven Methodology of Test  Grade  Review Cycle

There are no short-cuts or quick fixes to a high SAT score. The good news is the SAT is not a "black box" either. You can master the SAT with practice. ePrep for the SAT employs the proven methodology of taking practice tests with immediate, detailed review right after. Time and time again, if you follow these steps, your score will increase — guaranteed.*

Simulates Real SAT Test Conditions

If the SAT test was administered online then it might make sense to practice online. ePrep provides paper test booklets so you can test under real-life SAT test conditions. We then use the power of the Internet to deliver expert video instruction. It's a distinction we take seriously, and so should you.

Makes Learning Intuitive and Fun

Why are most online SAT courses merely repurposed books? After taking a test online and grading, you have to struggle to read and understand written explanations. ePrep for the SAT makes test prep easy. Take practice tests offline -- then immediately go online to watch up to 1,500 videos with intuitive explanations. Each video shows you how to work through and solve problems with the same No. 2 pencil you will use on test day.
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Adapts to the Individual

Every student learns at a different pace and has different strengths and weaknesses. ePrep helps students find and achieve their maximum score through its unique feedback loop and adaptive diagnostics. Instead of merely taking an initial practice exam and basing your course on those results, ePrep Analytics provides an adaptive diagnostic that continually calibrates — throughout the entire course — where to focus your effort.

Partners You with an Expert Tutor

ePrep for the SAT strategically incorporates the insights of Karl Schellscheidt, master teacher and proven SAT expert. Based on nearly two decades of work as a teacher and private tutor in Princeton, New Jersey, Karl knows where, when and why you are most likely to make errors on test day.

ePrep for the SAT™ Whenever or Wherever

ePrep for the SAT meets students on their terms — whenever or wherever they want. After taking a practice test, students can access ePrep.com 24/7 to watch videos covering answer explanations, SAT subjects and strategies, and master over 1,000 common SAT words in the WordSmith.

Parental Involvement

We recognize SAT preparation is a major investment in your child's educational development. ePrep involves parents in the study process from the beginning by giving online access to our ePrep Analytics tools which track your child's progress in our study program.

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