How is ePrep Different From Other Prep Services?

We believe ePrep's test study programs are superior to anything else on the market. Created by education and test preparation experts, ePrep has been developed around a unique set of guiding principles that sets us apart.

(1) Expert Teachers

First and foremost, ePrep instruction is given by teaching experts. We define an expert teacher as someone that not only commands mastery of the subject material (the so-called "99th percentile scoring instructor), but more importantly someone who is a master in teaching the subject material to students of all abilities. It's a critical distinction.

(2) Proven Methodology

ePrep study programs employ a proven, results-driven methodology of (1) test, (2) grade, (3) review and (4) repeat. Contrary to popular belief, there are no short-cuts, quick fixes or magic wand solutions to a high SAT score. Any student willing to put in the practice and review can significantly increase their test score. The saying "you make your own breaks" applies to the SAT and most standardize tests. Our ePrep for the SAT program provides the option of four (4) and eight (8) test cycles under our proven methodology. We don't waste your time teaching you basic concepts you already know in a classroom setting. Instead, you immediately take practice tests under timed conditions, grade your answers, and review the questions you missed or skipped with expert instruction. We adaptively recommend and provide subject lessons for review based on your practice test performance. Time and time again, our experience has proven if you follow these steps, your score will increase - guaranteed.

(3) Simulates Real Conditions

Practicing under simulated test-day conditions is almost as important as knowledge of the subject material. In the same manner professional athletes and military personnel practice under real-life conditions, your success on the SAT depends on your familiarity with test-day conditions. ePrep deliberately provides paper-based SAT practice tests - and suggests you take sitting at a desk or kitchen table with a timer - so you can emulate the environment you'll encounter on Saturday morning in the classroom. Upon completion of your practice tests, ePrep leverages the Internet medium to deliver expert video review and instruction.

(4) Makes Learning Fun and Easy

Learning comes so much easier to students when they are engaged and having fun. ePrep's innovative online video platform - combined with expert instruction - rapidly increases the rate of student learning. First, ePrep is available by computer 24/7 and is extremely easy to use. More importantly, instead of "telling" a student how to approach a problem through written instruction, ePrep expert videos "show" a student how to answer each question and also provide keen insights. A student's hard work should be applied on applying learned knowledge, not in obtaining it.
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